Download “Make Franchisees Happy” White paper

Download “Make Franchisees Happy” White paper

Download “Make Franchisees Happy” White paper 2000 769 admin

Avoid In-store POP failures with these surefire strategies by implementing POP Kit strategies and in-store advertising tips to make your franchisees happy.

#1 CGC – Consistently Great Communication

It goes without saying, always do your best to communicate to franchisees. You want to make sure you have “buy-in” from them, so keep them engaged with your marketing program. Our best franchisors solidify that relationship by going over the basics, with a kick-off call/visit. At the beginning of each new promotion, they cover the following details with franchisees.

    • Promotional Period. A clear start and end date are very important to ensure everyone is on the same page.
    • POP install and removal dates.
    • Marketing support for the promotion. Example: Hotline for POP problems or needs for additional information.
    • Outline of media investment to support the campaign. Provide a local media schedule for each franchisee, whenever possible. (radio, tv, direct mail, etc)
    • Promotional Objectives. Your franchisee should always understand that if in-store expectations are executed properly, it is a win for everyone.
    • Encourage feedback and input on an ongoing basis. Your franchisees hold the key to what’s working and what could work better for the next promotion.

Providing a sneak peek at creative materials is always a nice touch and gets the local teams thinking about how the promotion will “look” in their stores. Most importantly, franchisors benefit from imparting the importance of the POP materials since this is the element you are counting on your stores to implement. The following infographic contains some shareable tidbits about POP.

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