Interactive Infographic

Interactive Infographic

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Create an animated, interactive infographic for a new Rackspace cloud eCommerce platform for use in web ads and online presentations.

Internal Rackspace sales and marketing department. Their User: Online merchants that want to take advantage of an open commerce platform that leverages the worldwide developer community.

Rackspace Open Cloud needed of a set of digital image slides to illustrate a webinar presentation for an X.commerce eCommerce platform. The client outlined the presentation and needed approximately 30 images to illustrate the content in the presentation that will run in an animated infographic format. The slide files need to be delivered in a digital web-friendly format that can easily be imported into a presentation tool such as PowerPoint or Acrobat and also is easily displayed in the web browser.

Previously, the client had used Flash animation technology for this type of interactive infographic but wanted to use a more updated technology that would run on mobile devices easily.

We proposed that we develop the project in HTML 5.0 as this would be available to more device types, mobile, etc. and make the presentation for access to the user and create a better overall user experience.

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