Unit Specification Project

Unit Specification Project

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In a franchised retail chain, individual retail locations can have different physical specifications. Many of these differences impact how we design and produce advertising materials that need to be displayed in the store. Some are physical characteristics such as door sizes, front window sizes, how much space is available on the countertop. Others are logistical characteristics such as building codes, strip center rules, egress patterns, etc. Some stores can receive packages at the store, some cannot. Some stores serve lunch and dinner, some close at 3 pm. In addition to these specs, other data can be matched up to stores for other projects like menu pricing models.

Internal marketing department, area managers and franchisees

As we developed, designed, packed and shipped promotional advertising materials, taking into account all of this data on the locations can alter the actual kit that is sent, creating versions of the kit. This “Versioning” process is critical to a system-wide rollout of POP so that all stores’ unique specs can be taken care of.

Create a custom database of store specifications, collect data vis user surveys and during promotion rollouts. Once data is collected and verified, this data can be used in POP fulfillment documents. Merging this specs database with design files, pack-out documents used in the collation and ship-prep of the kits.

When producing new menu panels or any other collateral that contained price points, we merged this section of the database to the design files as part of the Menu Production Portal Project.

NOTE: As we compiled this database, it became the single source of the most accurate store characteristics database for the client.

My Role

  • Account Manager
  • Customer Research
  • Strategy and Brainstorming
  • Design of collection tools
  • Database design
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