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Create Power Promotions

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You spend a lot of time planning your promotions. You look at the sales numbers — look at seasonality — you determine what customers are doing… what they’re buying — set marketing goals. You identify opportunities for leveraging known tactics that have worked and you create new ones. Now you build out your marketing calendar and produce great creative executions. It’s time for the logistics…

The logistical strategy and planning of the POP kit can make or break a great plan. From the planning of the kit, production of the creative elements, to the delivery of the kit, to the communication and team’s execution of the promotion, there are lot of opportunities to bring everyone together and firing on all cylinders, across all markets and vehicles.

Here are some areas to watch and how Brand Group’s 20+ years of experience can add the POWER you need to your PROMOTIONS.

Planning the Kit

When planning the strategy to create a POP kit, choose the right elements for the right message. If you are targeting current customers and your goal is to increase your average check, a counter card or register topper might drive sales for that upgrade or dessert. If you are targeting new customers with large family orders, a banner or cling on the outside of the store might work best. Want to increase visits. Maybe a table tent message would remind customers to come back soon for a special deal. Sounds obvious but sometimes the right message in the wrong place can happen. You want to make sure you’re communicating the right message while not over-thinking your delivery.

Productions of Materials

Reproducing your designs, representing your product and creative materials is one of the most important aspects of a great POP kit. Once your materials are installed, you want the product to look great, promotion design to “pop” and your colors to be represented accurately. Using the right materials, inks and print resolution of course, can all play a role. If you are displaying your product, a special menu item or combo meal, attention to making these look their best is job #1!

Box Design and Kitting

Once your kit is planned, you want to make sure everything fits right in the box and is protected during shipping. This takes planning. Frequently, we design a custom-fabricated box, including special packing materials like protective corners and bubble wrap. Packing the kit in the right order sounds basic but can sometimes make or break a kit. Some of the material is versioned specifically for certain locations or require different quantities – “Kit Versioning” can allow you to customize the promotions across different types of stores with different layouts.

Zone-Ship™ Delivery

Your promotion date is critical. Whether you have a dozen stores across a city or hundreds coast to coast, having your promotions start on the same day for all stores is important. To do this, Brand Group plans the fulfillment schedule meticulously and ships to your locations by zones on different days so all of your POP kits arrive on the same day. Not only does this make your numbers easier to analyze but it creates great moral and buy-in across your whole system for the promotion. Launching a promotion on the same day allows you to coordinate through a conference call, live video conference or email newsletter to inform your team of the goals and the strategy behind the promotions. They can get on a call they can send an email they can include something in the kit.

Support Materials

Once your POP arrives, you want your team to understands what’s inside, learn about any special requirements of the materials and be able to contact our support staff if they have any issues. Special installation devices, tools, etc. are needed to execute the POP kit. We make sure all of this materials, versions, copies and tools are included so they have as easy a time as possible unpacking and installing the POP as well as understanding how the promotion works. Your team members need to concentrate on their tasks at hand and not complicated promotions so we make your kit as simple as possible. If they have a question, they can contact Brand Group Client Support and get the answers they need.

Including these tips when planning, executing and supporting your in-store campaigns can turn your promotions into a POWER PROMOTIONS.

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