BRAND is my

Middle Name.

(Actually it’s my last name)

Marketing is listening & discovering who your customer is and how to reach them. BRAND-ing is the language you use to speak to them.

~ Steve Brand, The Brand Group

Who is Steve?

I’ve had 20+ years experience as marketer, designer and producer, including team member at a small start-up to director at a large company, and now leader and consultant. These experiences include marketing, project management, UX Design, creative execution, print production, POP campaign logistics, strategy and corporate development. Two threads run common through all of these experiences: My passion for marketing technology and my enthusiasm for customer service.

What’s the Process?

My process can be very customized to the client’s situation. Once we determined what you need, I can design my time around your schedule. Team meetings, conference calls, in-office meetings, design and production time, video and photo shoot management, and more. We’ll design a schedule that works for you and your team. When you’re ready to grow, I can help you do that. I can be your “Marketing Guy” in whatever situation you need, keeping your program on the front burner and in focus.


Since the mid 1990’s, I have been focused on retail chains, restaurants, food and beverage brands. Its just something I’ve specialized in. Over the years, I have worked with CEOs, CMOs, Field Marketers, Franchisees and Store owners from large to small companies, understanding their challenges and helping them solve problems. I’ve done this by using a creative process that starts with research and takes the client through a logical design experience – from brainstorming to modeling to execution.

The Process

“How can a marketing consultant help my business?”

I can help manage any or all of the marketing functions for your company. We’ll look at your numbers, your customer’s habits, and industry research and put a plan together to reach your goals. I can meet regularly as your marketing guy and produce content for our advertising and promotions plan. After each period, we’ll evaluate our plan and adjust as needed. As you grow and you’re ready to bring it all in-house, I’ll help you hire and build that department.

We're Open

The Roadmap



I’ll learn as much about your business as possible.
Who is your customer?
What is your product or service?
How do you connect with your market?



We’ll talk about goal setting.
What do you want to get done?
How can you get a better product to your market?
How can you serve your customer better?



I’ll produce a plan for how we work together.
How much time do we need?
How will we spend this time?
How much will it cost?

Ready to get started?

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