(512) Brewing Branding

(512) Brewing Branding

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(512) Brewing Company was an 8 year old, independent craft brewer of unique beers, using organic ingredients and sustainable methods of production and distribution, who needed to leverage its position and cement its connection with its base.

The project was to create new branding for company collateral, signage and digital to reflect the grain-to-glass, keg-only distribution model.

Internal company sales and marketing department. (512) Brewing is a craft brewery located in Austin, TX.

(512) Brewing is the largest self-distributed, keg-only craft brewery in the country. The idea of the small packaging (cans and bottles) contributes greatly to waste, they wanted to embrace a keg to glass distribution of the product and create some branding that reflects this philosophy.

Their customers are sensitive and responsive to the low consumer waste concept of the (512) products and the company wanted to integrate this more into their day-to-day branding.

Create a new set of symbols to represent the primary method of purchasing (512) beer and highlight and remind the customer that this is integrated into their philosophy.

My Role

  • Account Manager
  • Customer Research
  • Strategy and Brainstorming
  • Graphic Design
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