Customer Franchise Portal

Customer Franchise Portal

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Create an online customer portal to give contextual access to products and services for clients franchisees.

Retail chain franchisees and franchisor company marketing operations.

As an added value to clients, we wanted to create an online portal for client’s franchisees to use for the ordering of marketing materials, services. messaging and other features used to bring the franchise community together.

This system needs to make it easy for franchisees to place orders for materials, pay for them, receive current news and information, get marketing support and communicate with the company and along with other franchisees.

Design a user experience that combines a customized web-store for existing materials with a needs-based custom material design process and wrap, add messaging, news, file directory and other features, all in a custom-branded experience.

The franchisee would see their store’s specification (see unit specification project) and follow support and marketing services based on this contextual information. The company would be able to manage orders, view usage reporting, manage compliance strategy issues, support the franchisees using various online features.

My Role

  • Account Manager
  • UX Designer
  • Customer Research
  • Strategy and Brainstorming
  • UI Design
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