Company ReBrand

Company ReBrand 1135 459 admin
The company, SSA Graphics, needed to evolve. with the next generation of owners, the marketing company and large format printer, that has served many retail franchise chains needed to refocus its value proposition and its brand in order to stay relevant and cost-effective. read more

(512) Brewing Branding

(512) Brewing Branding 1000 670 admin
Create new branding for company collateral, signage and digital to reflect the grain-to-glass, keg-only distribution model. read more

Unit Specification Project

Unit Specification Project 667 334 admin
Create a custom database of store specifications, collect data vis user surveys and during promotion rollouts. Once data is collected and verified, this data can be used in POP fulfillment documents. read more

Menu Production Portal

Menu Production Portal 1255 312 admin
Wingstop, a hot wing, fast-casual restaurant chain, needed an efficient, fast and cost-effective way to collect pricing data, format in-store menus and deliver those menus in a relatively short amount of time. read more

Interactive Infographic

Interactive Infographic 616 493 admin
Create an animated, interactive infographic for a new Rackspace cloud eCommerce platform for use in web ads and online presentations. read more

Educational Software

Educational Software 638 408 admin
Using existing educational content from print products, produce animated, interactive, multimedia educational software products that both supplement current product offering and expand the product line into the digital space. read more

Customer Franchise Portal

Customer Franchise Portal 960 640 admin
Create an online customer portal to give contextual access to products and services for clients franchisees. read more

Video Samples

Video Samples 490 272 admin
Samples of my video content creation, design and editing. read more

Advertising & Design

Advertising & Design 964 864 admin
Sample of various advertising and design projects. read more
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